Harrison Construction provides an integrated source of design analysis, cost estimation, project management, and general contracting services. Our services are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of clients and the demands of an evolving industry. Our extensive and diverse experience record has helped us master skills, knowledge, and expertise in construction services and the commercial building trades. We approach each project with integrity, professionalism, and ingenuity. The goal every time is to provide clients with unmatched service and exceptional quality.


Harrison Construction offers general contracting services for projects awarded via competitive or hard bid selection and through negotiated procurement methods. Both are conventional delivery models where the owner contracts with the design firm, and the contractor separately. At Harrison Construction, we are no stranger to the construction bid market. Our estimating team has decades of experience in this arena. We are knowledgeable about current market conditions and have worked diligently to establish strong relationships with trade contractors and suppliers we trust and who are dedicated to making every project a success. As a general contractor we honor our traditional responsibilities of scheduling, budgeting, field management, and trade contractor coordination. However, there are two qualities that make us a next level contractor and distinguish us from the competition, our commitment to safety and our systematic approach to quality management.


As a Construction Manager, Harrison Construction may contract to serve clients as an Advisor or on an At-Risk basis. In both capacities, our team becomes actively involved with the project during the preconstruction phase. Having early availability on a project enables us to offer critical insight during the design development stage of the construction process. This can be beneficial for improving cost control and assessing constructability. When acting as an Advisor, we work collaboratively with owners as the project progresses, acting as their independent consultant, advocating for their best interests, and guiding them on important matters such as project coordination, sequencing, scheduling, payments, and contractor performance. As a Construction Manager at Risk, we will develop a guaranteed maximum price in conjunction with the owner and design team. We will procure bids from multiple subcontractors in each trade to assure the most competitive pricing possible. Additionally, we will utilize our self-performance abilities.


Unlike traditional project delivery methods, the Design-Build method provides a single-source service option for clients by grouping design services and construction phases under the same contractual umbrella. When taking this collaborative approach, Harrison Construction initiates the lead over preconstruction services, and partners with design experts to develop unified recommendations and a realistic construction plan that satisfies your project expectations and respects your budget. With this simplified and integrated approach, projects often progress to completion quicker.


As a General Contractor, it is customary for us to outsource work by hiring subcontractors. However, when you work with Harrison Construction, you get the added benefit of a controlling contractor who has the ability and expertise to self-perform select scopes of work in the construction process. We believe that there is added value in hiring a builder who is knowledgeable in managing the work, and capable of being the boots on the ground for certain project activities. Our workforce is comprised of a diverse group of craft tradesmen who have the skillset and first-hand knowledge to efficiently deliver expert quality on every project. Our self-performance experience includes small-scale demolition, dismantling, general carpentry, rough carpentry, structural concrete, cast-in-place concrete, concrete placing and finishing, and concrete curb and gutter.


Routine maintenance and general repair management play a significant role in protecting a property’s value as it ages. The process of ensuring that facilities and their surroundings are in optimal condition can be both challenging and tedious. As an experienced contractor, Harrison Construction is equipped to face those challenges for you and relieve you of those unnecessary burdens. We understand that your property is an important and profitable investment. Our Property Maintenance division is a one source solution for all your property’s needs. We offer comprehensive service options from routine and proactive maintenance to reactive response and emergency repairs. We are also available to tackle more invasive projects that will help keep your property functional, comfortable, and looking its best.