“Harrison was the CM for our office building, as well as on several jobs for the Tuscaloosa City School System when I was a board member.”
Bryan Chandler, Jamison Money Farmer PC

“The Bank of Tuscaloosa has enjoyed an excellent business relationship with Harrison Construction for over 15 years during which time the company has performed several construction and building improvement projects for the Bank. In the Spring of 2007 the Bank, along with two other owner/tenant partners, contracted with Harrison Construction to serve as the Construction Manager for our 100,000 sq. ft. + office building project. The $30MM plus project was finished on time and within budget. Our experience with Harrison was nothing short of phenomenal. The expertise and professionalism of every one of the Harrison Construction team members involved helped make the completion of the project something we all are very proud of. From dealing with our architect to providing creative and cost-effective solutions when issues arose that required a variation from or original plan, Harrison Construction proved itself to be an invaluable partner in the process. There is no greater testimony to our ongoing confidence in the company than our decision to engage them as our building management company – a role in which they still serve today.”
Mark Sullivan, CEO Bank of Tuscaloosa

“Harrison Construction is my own personal “dream team.” In January, 2012, after a long capital campaign, Caring Days Adult Day Care began construction on a new facility. After spending 15 years in 2700 square feet of rental space, we designed an 11,000 square foot day care. Our Board of Directors very much wanted to use local companies for every phase of the process from architects, construction, sub-contractors, to suppliers. Harrison Construction was unanimously chosen.
As the original executive director of Caring Days, I had dreamed of having a beautiful place to provide services for the adults with memory disorders that we serve. All of the parts and pieces were in my head but it was essential that I work with people who would understand the specific needs for our population. I had never done anything like this before and everything was a learning experience. Since this project was so personal to me, my biggest fear was that it would be just another building for the construction team. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Although I had no idea what was going on, I was on the construction site every day. Not one time did anyone ever make me feel that I was in the way or didn’t belong there. I was a master at asking dumb questions and expecting intelligent answers. They would take me inside the construction trailer, open up the 5000 page document that was the plans for the building and attempt to explain things to me. Even when I was talking about pouring headers and they had to tell me that headers are up and footers are down, they were pouring footers! I learned so much and am absolutely in awe of what it takes to actually complete a project like ours.
Throughout the process, I met many Harrison employees and adored all of them. We have remained friends and I talk to them frequently. They will come by to visit me here and at home. If I have any problems, I can call them any time and they will be here. I would love to do it again because I know that it would be an equally wonderful experience (and at least now I know what stub-ups and headers are).
In October, 2012, we were able to move in to the new Mal and Charlotte Moore Center. No one ever walks in and says, “Isn’t this a nice building.” They always come in and say that our facility is amazing and needs to be a model around the country. Without the help of everyone at Harrison Construction, our dreams would not have come true. We are now able to help many families dealing with Alzheimer’s and other related memory disorders in an exceptional environment.”
Vicki Kerr, Executive Director, Caring Days Adult Daycare